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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Korean Kids Song: When the Sun Rises 둥근 해가 떴습니다.

It's not Sunday, but I had to post this song early because I have been catching Husband whistling or humming this song. I must be successfully indoctrinating him with Korean music playing it a lot around the house for him to memorize the tune of it. Now he can learn the words!!

I think this song helps learn a lot of vocab for the daily chores...brushing teeth, washing face, putting on clothes, eating, etc. The handmotions are pretty engaging too.

야후! 꾸러기 동요

둥근해가 떴습니다 둥근 해가 떴습니다.자리에서 일어나서 제일 먼저 이를 닦자..

Cute toddler singing and doing the motions. The song gets a bit to high for her, but finishes it off with a flourish!

Classroom of pre-school kids. (Oh, the little stinker on the right looks so uninterested)

Younger twins learning the motions to the song in this video.

Oh, I can't help myself! Another classroom of cuties:

Words in Korean:

둥근 해가 떴습니다.

자리에서 일어나서

제일 먼저 이를 닦자. 윗니 아랫니 닦자.

세수할때는 깨끗이. 이쪽 저쪽 목 닦고

머리빗고 옷을 입고 거울을 봅니다.

꼭꼭 씹어 밥을 먹고

가방메고 인사하고, 유치원에 갑니다.

씩씩하게 갑니다.


Doong-geun heh-gah ddus-seub-nee-dah

jah-ree-eh-suh ee-ruh-nah-suh

jeh-eel muhn-juh ee-reul dahk-jah. wuin-ni ah-reh-ni dahk-jah

seh-soo hal-ddeh-neun ggeh-ggeu-shi. ee-johk juh-jjok mohk dak-goh

muh-ree beet-goh ohs-eul eeb-goh. guh-ool-eul bohm-nee-dah

ggok-ggok shib-uh bahb-eul muhk-goh

gah-bang meh-goh een-sah-ha-goh, yoo-chi-won-eh gahb-nee-da,

shik-shik-ha-geh gam-nee-dah

The round sun has risen

Get up from your bed

The very first (thing) is to brush your teeth. Let's brush the top teeth and bottom teeth.

When you wash your face, you make it clean. this way, that way, wash your neck.

brush your hair, put on your clothes. look at the mirror.

chew chew, eat your food

put on your bag and bow, going to kindergarten

going briskly/gallantly/happily

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