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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Korean Kids Song Sunday: Tooth Brushing - Chee-kah 치카

I love it that doing a search for tooth brushing yielded 13 different songs, stories or games. I also love it that the Korean sound effect for brushing your teeth is CHEE-KAH. I'm so glad that Yahoo!Korean Kids values good dental hygiene as our family does. My favorite tooth-brushing song is Kuku and Yayas.

Yahoo!Korean Kids - Kuku and Yaya's story - Brushing teeth:

Summary of the story: Kuku doesn't want to brush his teeth even after his mom tells him brush after eating. When he goes to play at Yaya's house, Yaya is disgusted at his icky mouth and refuses to play with him. Mr. Sun advises him to sing the chee-kah song and all is happy when he goes home to brush his teeth.

야후! 꾸러기 동화

치키치카 이닦기 꾸꾸는 밥을 먹은 후에도 이를 닦지 않으려고 해요. 야야는..

Yahoo! Korean Kids - Just the Song:

야후! 꾸러기 동요

꾸꾸야야의 이닦기 송 칫솔들어, 치약짜고 예쁘게 웃으면서 이 닦자윗니 아랫니 닦..

Song in Korean:

치카치카 이 닦기
칫솔 들어, 치약 짜고
예쁘게 웃으면서 이 닦자
윗니 아랫니 이 닦자

이쪽 저쪽 이를 닦자

Chee-sohl deul-eh, chee-yak jja-goh
yeh-bbeu-geh oo-seu-myun-suh ee dahk-jah
weet-nee ah-reh-nee ddahk-jah
chee-kah chee-kah chee-chee
chee-kah chee-kah chee-chee

ee-jjok juh-jjok ee-reul dahk-jah
chee-kah chee-kah chee-chee
chee-kah chee-kah

Hold the toothbrush and squeeze out some toothpaste
Prettily, smilingly, let's brush our teeth
Upper teeth, lower teeth, let's brush our teeth
chee-kah chee-kah chee-chee

This way, That way, let's brush our teeth
chee-kah chee-kah

Happy Brushing!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good job, Mr. Sun! The chee-kah song is very effective. In reality, parents/guardians do have a hard time dealing with their kids when it comes to brushing. May Mr. Sun serve as an inspiration to parents and guardians, so your Kuku and Yaya will have a melodic time brushing.