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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Korean Kids Song Sunday: Where are your eyes? 눈은 어디 있나

So, based on recent news, I think we're going to be in this for the long haul.  I'm trying to prepare myself: the wait will be long. Maybe the wait won't be so long for the referral, but I believe we will be stuck for a loooooooooong while waiting for the Korean government to allow us to bring our child home.  My inclination is to be anxious, whine, cry out, "why?!?" and throw myself a pity party, but perhaps maybe I can attempt to be patient, productive and lean on the Lord and not on my own understanding during this process.

So, from now on, every Sunday will be Korean Kids Song Sunday and I'll post a new song. 

In continuing the body parts theme from the Eyes Eyes Eyes song, this song seem like a fun one to sing with little ones as they learn the names to the body parts.  It's also repetitive and easy to learn.  Summary: Where are your eyes? Right here! Where is your nose? Right here!

야후! 꾸러기 놀이

눈은 어디 있나? 눈은 어디 있나요? 코는 어디 있나요? 손은 어디 있나요?..

The song is the 2nd in this youtube video - the little girl in the middle is so cute!  (The third song is the Eyes Eyes Eyes song I posted, and did you recognize the last song?)

Words in Korean:

눈은 어디 있나요? 요기

코는 어디 있나요? 요기

귀는 어디 있나요? 요기

손은 어디 있나요? 요기

입은 어디 있을까? 요기

엄마 눈은 어디 있나요? 여기

엄마 코는 어디 있나요? 여기

엄마 귀는 어디 있나요? 여기

엄마 손은 어디 있나요? 여기
엄마 입은 어디 있을까요?


Noon-eun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yoh gee!

Koh-neun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yoh gee!

Gui-neun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yoh gee!

Sohn-eun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yoh gee!

Eeb-eun uh-dee ee-nah you? Yoh gee!

Umma noon-eun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yuh gee!

Umma koh-neun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yuh gee!

Umma gui-neun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yuh gee!

Umma sohn-eun uh-dee ee-nah yoh? Yuh gee!


Where are your eyes? Right here!

Where is your nose? Right here!

Where is your ears? Right here!

Where are your hands?! Right here!

Where is your mouth? Right here!

Where are mom's eyes? Right there!

Where are mom's nose? Right there!

Where are mom's ears? Right there!

Where are mom's hands? Right there!

Where is mom's mouth? Right there!


-Sing with different body parts

-Ask where are mom's, dad's, brothers, sisters, willing dog -  eyes ears nose, etc.

-Sing with other items and things around the house or with shapes and colors, etc.


What are the songs that you like singing with your kids?

Besides yahoo! korea kids and youtube, what other online resources do you find fun stuff for kids? (not just Korean)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Korean bookstore finds: Korean sound and singing books

This weekend boasted a girlfriend getaway with my Korean college friends which included a trip to a Korean bath house, a Korean hair salon, a Korean restaurant, a korean food court, and of course a Korean bookstore.
The kids book section is very enticing at The Korean Book Center at the Koreatown Plaza in LA. It was hard choosing just one book. Lemme show you what else I would have bought.  These goodies combine 2 of my loves: books and children's music. I love that there's music attached to a BOOK and not to a screen.  I feel like kids these days (including myself) spend way too much time in front of the TV or computer screen.  So I want  to maximize any opportunities for education and entertainment that doesn't come from a screen.

1) This book by Samsung Books features the lyrics to a few favorite kid songs like the 3 bears, eensy weensy spider, and 10 little indians and when you press the corresponding button, it plays the song. It uses AAA batteries so it could provide hours and hours of entertainment.

2) This alphabet book by Edu JoyUp was considered one of his bestsellers by the bookstore owner?manager? The soundbox had buttons for each letter of the alphabet, the numbers, a few bonus words and a song about cotton candy. My friend snagged this one for her twin girls - sticker price was $35. It's also sold at Little Seouls for $29.99, but my friend still won since she didn't have to pay for shipping.  I bet it will be a well-loved book in her home.

3) This last book by Applebee books is like the first one, but I found it my friend's library.  It featured 6 songs with lyrics.

4) The last book I don't have an image to show you, but it was called Go-Mah-Wuh and had about 6 buttons in the soundbox that corresponded to different "polite" words like go-mah-wuh (thank you), mi-yan-heh (sorry), ahn-young (hi) and jahl-ga-rah (see ya later!).  It was shrink wrapped so I couldn't see inside the book.  But this one's also a keeper.

So, you're probably wondering where you would find these books if you didn't live near a Korean bookstore.  I'm wondering also.  Amazon has a great selection of Korean-English books, Hanbooks has a lot of great Childrens' Books (Newberry and Caledcott awards; in Korean), and I mentioned Little Seouls above, but their selection is limited.  Of course there are Korean online sites in Korean, but navigating those sites with my limited Korean would be difficult.  So,  I'm still on the look-out.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day - Daddy! Take Heart! 아빠 힘내세요

Last year's Father's Day carried a lot of sadness as Husband faced his first father-less Father's Day and the fact that he was still not yet a father was even more evident. This year, that sadness of losing Dad Yap was still remembered, yet the day carried a hopefulness that maybe this will be our last child-less Father's Day.

To end the day on a really happy note, here's a song for Dad's, especially for my super hard-working Husband whom I love:

Appah Heem Neh Seh Yo translates as "Daddy! Be Strong! (Take heart!)" In summary: Daddy comes home from work looking a bit dejected, tired and worried. So, we just wanna say, "Daddy! Be Strong! We're with you!"

야후! 꾸러기 동요

아빠힘내세요 딩동댕 초인종 소리에 얼른 문을 열었더니 그토록 기다리던 ..

Song in Korean:

딩동댕 초인종 소리에 얼른 문을 열었더니

그토록 기다리던 아빠가 문 앞에 서 계셨죠

너무나 반가워 웃으며 아빠하고 불렀는데

어쩐지 오늘 아빠의 얼굴이 우울해 보이네요

무슨 일이 생겼나요 무슨 걱정 있나요

마음대로 안되는 일 오늘 있었나요

아빠 힘내세요 우리가 있잖아요

아빠 힘내세요 우리가 있어요 힘내세요 아빠 사랑해요


ding-dong-deng cho-een-jong soh-ri-eh uhl-leun moon-eul yul-ut-duh-ni

geu-toh-rohk gi-dah-ri-deon a-ppa-ga moon ah-peh suh geh-shyut-jjyo

nuh-moo-nah bahn-gah-wuh oo-seu-myuh a-ppa-ha-go bool-luhn-neun-deh

uh-jjuhn-ji oh-neul a-ppa-ui uhl-gool-ri oo-ool-heh boh-ee-neh-yo

moo-seun ee-ri sehng-gyun-na-yo moo-seun guhk-jjuhng een-nah-yoh

ma-eum-deh-roh ahn-deh-neun eel oh-neul i-ssuhn-na-yo

a-ppa heem-neh-seh-yo oo-ri-ga it-jja-na-yo

a-ppa heem-neh-seh-yo oo-ri-ga i-ssuh-yo


a-ppa sa-rang-heh-yo


Ding-dong-deng, on hearing the door bell, I quickly ran to open it

it was my dad was standing at the door waiting

I was so happy to see you, I yelled out, "Daddy!"

But, today your face looks sad

Did something happen at work? Are you worried about something?

What's troubling you today?

Daddy, be strong! Arent' we all here for you?

Daddy, be strong! We're here for you

Daddy, we love you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Korean Kids Songs: Eyes Eyes Eyes 눈 눈 눈

I know our kids song in English: Itsy Bitsy Spider, I'm a Little Teapot, Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.... pretty well.  But I don't know my kids songs in Korean too well.  So, I've been working on finding them, translating them and learning them. Husband doesn't know this yet, but I am hoping to record a DVD or CD with us singing a smattering of these songs to send to the foster parents who are caring for our child.  So, when he comes home, he will love these songs and recognize our voices!

I overheard my friend sing this song to her twin girls and I liked it because it's simple, it's repetitive, has fun motions, and teaches about how we use our body (parts) to worship God.  She said she sang this song as a kid. =)

The song is the first in this youtube video of a Korean church's children's worship session.  I had been helping with Children's Worship at our Chinese-American church for a while so it was interesting to see how a Korean church (in Korea) does it.  I do have some memories of singing worship songs in Korean at our Korean-American church growing up, but they have vastly faded. 

Here are the words in Korean:

성경 보고요
숨을 쉬고요
찬송 부르고
말씀 들어요
머리 머리 머리 예수님 생각
가슴 가슴 가슴 예수님 사랑
봉사 하소요
교회 가지요


Noon noon noon; sung-gyung boh-goh-yo
Ko ko ko; soom-eul shi-goh-yo
Eeb eeb eeb; chan-song booh-re-goh
Gui gui gui; mahl-seum deul-uh-yo
Muhree muhree muhree; yeh-soo-neem seng-gahk
Gah-seum gah-seum gah-seum; yeh-soo-neem sah-rahng
Sohn sohn sohn; bohng-sah ha-soh-yo
Bal bal bal; gyo-heh gah-ji-yo

And the translation in English: (I tried to make the words fit the tune of the song so I took some liberty with the translation) 

Eyes, eyes, eyes; I can read the Bible
Nose, nose, nose; thank God for every breath
Mouth, mouth, mouth; sing praises to our God
Ear, ear, ear; listen to His Word
Head, head, head; think about His Love!
Heart, heart, heart; my Savior loves me so
Hand, hand, hand, serving God and others
Feet, feet, feet; takes us to our church