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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Korean Kids Song Sunday: Closed Fist 주먹쥐고

Recently, I asked my mom to sing me a kids Korean song, and she started singing this song.   She was so cute making up the handmotions as she went along. The song is simple with simple motions: fist, open, clap, on your head!

Here's the Yahoo! Kids Korea version:

야후! 꾸러기 동요

주먹쥐고 주먹쥐고 손을 펴서 손뼉 치고 주먹쥐고또 다시 펴서 손뼉치..

Cute video of mom singing the song to her son who's dancing away. I love at the end when dad says "jahl-hehs-uh-yo!" (good job!) little man motions, "raise the roof!" So cute!

This video shows Korean transformer type robots doing the handmotions:

And for an overload of CUTE, here's a whole pre-school class of kids doing the handmotions very poorly, but so cutely:

Words in Korean:

주먹쥐고 손을 펴서

손뼉 치고 주먹쥐고

 또 다시 펴서 손뼉치고

두 손을 머리위에~

1st time: 해님이 반짝 해님이 반짝

2nd time: 나비가 훨훨 나비가 훨훨 훨훨 날아요

3rd time: 나팔이 뚜뚜 나팔이 뚜뚜 나팔불어요


Joo-muhk jee-goh sohn-eul pyuh-suh

Sohn-bbyuk chi goh joo-mohk jee-goh

Ddoh dah-shi pyuh-suh sohn-bbyuk chi goh

Doo sohn-eul muh-ree wee eh

1st time: Heh-neem-ee bahn-jjak (3xs) bahn-jjak gg-ruh-yo

2nd: Nah-bee-gah whul-whul (3xs); whul whul nahl-ah-you

3rd time: nah-pal-ee ddoo-ddoo (3xs) nah-pal bul-ruh-yo


Hold a fist, then open your hand

Clap your hands, then hold a fist

Then again, open and clap your hands

Put two hands on your head

1st time: Sun is shining (twinkling)

2nd time: Butterfuly is fluttering

3rd time: Trumpet sounds DOO-DOO!

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