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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Korean Kids Song Sunday: Korean Alphabet to the tune of Doe a Dear

Most American children grow up learning the same ABC song (which incidentally has the same tune as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).   I don't know what is considered the most popular Korean alphabet song (가나다송), but there are a few on you-tube, some which are more simple, some more complex and some with a catchy tune and others that I can't seem to follow.

One of the more complex and fun Korean alphabet songs is this one to the tune of Doe a Deer (from Sound of Music....I love this musical!):

This cute song is featured on an iphone app called Ding Dong Deng - Han-Geul (딩동댕 한글-동물편).

There are free and paid versions of both the iphone app and the ipad app.  The free version allows all the games, matching, writing exercises, etc for only ㄱ ㄴ ㄷ.

Here's the lyrics in hangul to the cute alphabet song where each letter represents a different animal (there are 14 consonants in the Korean alphabet and their are 7 notes in do re mi fa so la ti, so it's a perfect fit!)
ㄱ 기역 멍멍 강아지
ㄴ 니은 잘생긴 너구리
ㄷ 디귿 꾸울꿀 돼지
ㄹ 리을 꽥꽥 오리
ㅁ 미음 영차 물개
ㅂ 비읍 삐약 병아리
ㅅ 시읏 어흥 사자
사이 좋은 동물 친구들

ㅇ 이응 똑똑한 원숭이
ㅈ 지읒 귀여운 다람쥐
ㅊ 치읓 째액짹 참새
ㅋ 키읔 코가 큰 코끼리
ㅌ 티읕 깡총 토끼
ㅍ 피읖 멋있는 펭귄
ㅎ 히읗 뚱뚱한 하마
동물 친구들이 좋아요

Translation in English:
ㄱ woof woof puppy
ㄴ good looking raccoon
ㄷ oink oink pig
ㄹ quack quack duck
ㅁ (strong) sea lion
ㅂ cheep cheep chick
ㅅ roar lion
Animal friends with a good relationship

ㅇ smart monkey
ㅈ cute squirrel
ㅊ cheep cheep sparrow
ㅋ big-nosed elephant
ㅌ hopping rabbit
ㅍ handsome penguin
ㅎ fat hippo
I love my animal friends!