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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Korean Kids Song Sunday: 3 Bears 곰 세 마리

The 3 bears song is everywhere! I didn't hear it until I started googling and you-tubing Korean Children's song, and this one comes up the most. I can see why kids love the song, but it was made even more popular when a guy performed it in a K-drama "Full House" for his girlfriend. (sorry I don't watch Kdrama's so I don't know the actors or the characters)

I have a free app on my iphone by samsung books that shows the music video. Every once in a while, I let my friend's 1 year old son watch it. He likes the part at the end when they applause after 잘한다 (jahl-han-dah) - Good Job! He claps along too. So cute!

야후! 꾸러기 동요

곰 세 마리 곰 세 마리가 한집에 있어 아빠 곰 엄마 곰 애기 곰아빠곰..

Another version with different hand motions:

Lyrics in Korean:

곰 세 마리가 한집에 있어

아빠 곰 엄마 곰 애기 곰

아빠곰은 뚱뚱해 엄마 곰은 날씬해

애기 곰은 너무 귀여워

히쭉히쭉 잘한다


gohm seh-mah-ree-gah han-jib-eh ees-uh

ah-bba gohm, uhm-ma gohm, eh-gee gohm

ah-bba gohm-eun ddoong-doong heh

uhm-ma gohm-eun nahl-sheen heh

eh-gee gohm-eun nuh-moo guee-yuh-wuh

hee-jjook hee-jjook, jahl-han-dah


3 bears live in one house

daddy bear, mommy bear, baby bear

daddy bear is fat

mommy bear is skinny

baby bear is oh so cute

hee-jjook hee-jjook, good job!

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