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Friday, September 2, 2011

Top 3 Languages

Conversation after dinner today:

Me: Last night, I started a new blog to catalog our efforts to teach our children to be bilingual.
Husband: Bilingual?!  Our kids are going to be Quadlingual!  Mandarin, English, Spanish and Korean
Me: What about your Cantonese? What will your mom speak to our kid when she comes over (3 times a week)?  Aren't you sad that we won't be passing on your Cantonese to our children?
Husband: (Out comes the iphone). Let's see what's more useful: googling....language...speaker...world.  Wikipedia says:
Mandarin: 1025 million!!!
Spanish: 400 million
Korean: 78 million
Cantonese: 71 million 
Our kid is going to tap into that potential of reaching 1025 million people...
Me: I guess I better change my blog name to Konglisharin.

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