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Thursday, September 15, 2011

ArirangTV: Let's Speak Korean

Recently, Husband and I discovered Arirang TV, which is Korean TV in English (or subtitled), which shows on channel 44-5 on digital TV (over the air) in our area. (Our recent cancellation of netflix may have had something to do with this discovery).  In addition to news, programs about cooking and food, Korean culture, and a Kdrama, one of their regular programs currently airing their 3rd Season is "Let's Speak Korean."  From the website:
Arirang's "Let's Speak Korean" offers viewers a televised 10-minute supplement to their other Korean-language studies.  Viewers can also learn more about the Korean culture in the process.  

Lisa Kelley, the female host of “Let's Speak Korean” plays a kind teacher…a “good cop” role, while the male host, Kim Young plays a rather strict teacher or “bad cop” role. The beginner-level student Blake is hilarious, amusing and makes the program more interesting to viewers who may sympathize.
I actually came across you-tube videos of earlier seasons of the program when I googled "learning Korean through Korean Dramas."  I'm not sure what season this is from, but their segments went through scenes of Kdramas and explained the terms, the euphemisms, and nuances of Korean language.

ArirangTVs website does have VideoOnDemand feature but you need to get a log-in.  After the 3rd try, I gave up...those darn security character things.

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