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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hangul Charts - Great learning tool

I found these great colorful hangul charts that show all the combinations of the Korean alphabet:

  • 14 consonants
  • 5 double consonants 
  • 10 vowels
  • 11 compound vowels. 
 The greyed out characters indicate low usage.  They are in A4 size which is the typical papersize in Asia. But you can save the jpg and print it out "scale to fit."

I would love to see a version without romanization/transliteration since I just don't read "guh" when I see "거" romanized as  "geo."  Anyone else?

Anyway, I think its a great practice tool.  However, when I tried using it with my husband he kept cheating by looking at the English.  For kids, I would definitely invest in those brightly colored wall posters, but they usually don't cover the double consonants and compound vowels.

The designer is Byeong Cho.

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  1. hi, i noticed a mistake in the first chart 티 should be "ti" not "ta". ^_^