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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Korean Kids Song Sunday: Daily Bread Song 날마다 우리에게 양식을 주시는 하나님

In thinking about how best to teach Korean to our future kids, I'll probably want to incorporate Korean as much as possible in our daily routines and songs. One daily routine that I hope to instill early on is mealtime prayers, thanking God for the food and all His blessings. And singing the prayer makes this routine all the more fun!

Here's a home video of Korean kiddo following as his parents sing the Daily Bread Song:

(Mom keeps interrupting the song to tell her son to close his eyes.)

Other you-tube finds:
This little boy's rendition of the mealtime prayer song in Kabble (Korean-babble) just slays me.

Lyrics in Korean: 
날마다 우리에게 양식을 주시는
은혜로우신 하나님 참 감사합니다.

Transliteration or Romanization: 
nahl-mah-dah oo-ree eh-geh yang-shik-eul joo-shi-neun
eun-heh-ro oo-shin hah-nah-neem jeul gam-sah-hahb-nee-dah

Translation in English: 
For the meal that you provide for us daily [literally: everyday, for us food giving}
We joyfully thank our Gracious God. [gracious God joyful thanks]

Here's another version that I found: 날마다 우리에게 양식을 주시는 하나님 아버지 참 감사합니다

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