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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TTMIK quiz: Konglish words

Maybe it's because I haven't been in school in a while, but I keep wanting to take Talk to Me in Korean's Quizzes (THE best Korean language learning website, by the way).  This one was on Konglish terms.  Konglish tends to mean the creation of Korean words based on the English term.  For example, 주스 (joo-seu) is juice and 포크 (poh-keu) is fork.  These konglish terms were a lot more difficult to guess because it's more "contemporary" terms like digital camera.  Camera is "cam-a-ra' but I just learned that digital camera is "di-ca."  The Korean language is so crazy sometimes.   
I copied and pasted my answers below:

Q.1)What do you call a "group blind date" in Konglish?
A.그룹 블라인드 데이트 [geu-rup beul-la-in-deu de-i-teu]
B.미팅 [mi-ting] (Correct Answer)
C.단체 블라인드 데이트 [dan-che beul-la-in-deu de-i-teu]
D.소개팅 [so-gae-ting] (Your Answer)

Q.2)What is an 오토바이 [o-to-ba-i]?
A.Automatic door
C.Electric wheelchair
D.Motorcycle (Your Answer)

Q.3)What is a 비닐하우스 [bi-nil-ha-u-seu]?
A.Greenhouse (Your Answer)
B.House that sells plastic bags
C.Vinyl bag
D.Plastic house

Q.4)How do you say "rear-view mirror" in Konglish?
A.리어뷰미러 [ri-eo-byu-mi-reo]
B.뒤를 보는 거울 [dwi-reul bo-neun geo-ul]
C.백미러 [baek-mi-reo] (Your Answer)
D.뒤 거울 [dwi geo-ul]

Q.5)What is a 츄리닝 [chyu-ri-ning]? Hint: It's something that you can wear.
A.Swimming suit
C.Training suit (Your Answer)

Q.6)When taking tests, some students will get caught for doing 컨닝 [keon-ning]. What does 컨닝 [keon-ning]mean?
B.Cheating (Your Answer)
C.Being late
D.Sneaking out

Q.7)핸드폰 [haen-deu-pon] is something that you use to talk to your friends. What is 핸드폰 [haen-deu-pon]in English?
A.Cellphone (Your Answer)

Q.8)What is a 원룸 [won-rum]?
A.A big room
B.Biggest room in the house
C.Circle shaped house
D.Studio apartment (Your Answer)

Q.9)What is a 디카 [di-ca]?
A.Digital camera (Correct Answer)
B.Digtal car
C.Decaffeinated coffee (Your Answer)

Q.10)How do you say "marker" in Konglish?
A.매직 [mae-jik] (Your Answer)
B.두꺼운 펜 [du-kkeo-un pen]
C.하이라이터 [ha-i-ra-i-teo]
D.마크 [ma-keu]

Q.11)What is a 샤프 [sha-peu]?
A.Pencil sharpener
B.Mechanical pencil (Your Answer)
C.Sharpened pencil

Q.12)Sometimes in restaurants, you get some 서비스 [seo-bi-seu] when you order a lot or when you go there with a large group of people. What is 서비스 [seo-bi-seu]?
A.Kind service
C.Fast serving
D.Free food (Your Answer)

Q.13)What is an 애프터서비스 [ae-peu-teo-seo-bi-seu]?
A.Delivery service
B.Warranty service (Your Answer)
C.Refund service
D.Free service

Q.14)What is a 가스렌지? Hint: You can find one in most kitchens.
A.Stove (Your Answer)
C.Gas pipe
D.Chopping board

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