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Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPad apps: Baby School

Yup. That's right. Now I'm downloading iPad apps too because the Husband bequeathed me one for our 6th anniversary!

So I'm taking this baby for a test run. First thing I did was to search for Korean kids iPad apps. What fun!

For parents without the iPhone or iPad, I commend you. These gadgets are amazing time and attention suckers of children. Besides having food and a good nap, I know a 18 month old who would be perfectly content to be playing with either one. As a parent to be, I do fear the amount of screen time our kids will get, but the fun learning and interactive enjoyment of these gadgets is phenomenal.

Take for example this app: Baby School.
This free version is great, but once the little one comes home next year I would buy the paid version.

I'm guessing by the British flag that the developers of this app are from Hong Kong (big assumption made here), so they call the airplane an "aeroplane." They translated the materials to be available in Korean, Chinese, Cantonese, and Japanese. I believe they have free and paid versions of each of the languages.  I may need to download them all.

The free app has 4 sections:
1) The ABC section (fun and interactive, but not useful in teaching Korean. Now if it was the hangul alphabet, that would be awesome!!)
2) Baby Piano (actually quite fun! They have a separate paid and free Baby Piano app too)
3) Foods
4) Animals

The food section says the item in English and In Korean. It gives the handful and the romanization (unfortunately the romanization isn't very clear as watermelon is pronounced su-bahk not subag. The pear is also incorrectly pronounced.

The awesomest section is the animals. Tapping the icon will give you the English, Korean AND a recording of the animal sound! What kid would not enjoy that!!!

I now know what a camel sounds like.

I will be following their blog to see what other apps they will develop:

To download the app, do a search for app creative or Baby School.

So the consensus is that the iPad is awesome and why does it seem that my iPhone just shrank! I do believe I have been ruined.

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