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Friday, November 4, 2011

Korean Bookstore Find: Bilingual Toddlers Bible 아자아자 성경

I recently found this bilingual Toddlers Bible at my local Korean bookstore.  Unfortunately, I cannot find the publisher nor the book online.  Found it online here.  I wonder if larger Korean churches with "bookstores" would also have a copy.  The Bible was shrink wrapped but I think I chose a good one.
If you see it and want a great Bible to read to your toddler...buy it!  Here's why I think it would be perfect for me and our future child:

  • Each Bible story is about 4 pages so it's just short enough to keep the attention span of a wiggly 2 year old.
  • Bible Stories span from the Old Testament to New Testament
  • Illustrations are very cute and colorful
  • Story sentences are very simple in English AND in Korean.  Since the translation follows pretty close, it's also a great way to learn Korean.    And since the Korean is simple, even I could read it...not so fluently, but with practice, I'm getting there.

I look forward to establishing a bedtime routine of reading the Bible (Husband reads in English, me in Korean), singing a song about God and saying a few prayers in Korean and in English.



Sample page from "Noah Builds A Big Boat"

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