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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Korean Kids Song Sunday: Korean Number song 숫자송

I guess I'm on a roll with cute you-tube videos. This numbers love song is too cute not to post. I think it adequately describes how many waiting adoptive parents feel about their kids in Korea. Except of course, we will love our children for way more than 10 years...and the part about "save my soul" is also probably not the best expectation to have towards your child (which is an entirely different post). But the part about not being able to wait even 3 more seconds? Ha. I feel that way sometimes. Not often. But sometimes.

You-tube video clip:

Yahoo!Kids Video with Handmotions:

야후! 꾸러기 동요

숫자송 one and two and three and four a..

Cute home-video of three BOYS dancing to the Numbers song:

Lyrics in Korean:

one and two and three and four and (2xs)

1 (일)초라도 안보이면

2 (이)렇게 초조한데

3 (삼)초는 어떻게 기다려

이야 이야 이야 이야

4 (사)랑해 널 사랑해

5 (오)늘은 말할거야

6 (육)십억 지구에서 널 만난건

7 (칠)럭키야

사랑해 요기조기 한 눈팔지 말고 나를 봐

좋아해 나를 향해 웃는 미소 매일매일 보여줘

8 (팔)딱팔딱 뛰는 가슴

9 (구)해줘 오 내 마음

10 (십)년이 가도 너를 사랑해

언제나 이 맘 변치 않을게


1: eel cho-rah-do ahn-bo-ee-myun

2: ee ruh-keh cho-joh-han-deh

3: sam cho-neun uh-dduh-keh gee-dah-ryuh


4: sah-rahng-heh nuhl sah-rahng-heh

5: oh neul-eun mahl-hal-guh-yah

6: yook shib-uhg jee-goo-eh-suh nuhl mahn-nan-gun

7: chil lucky ya!

sah-rahng-heh yoh-gee joh-gee han noon-pahl-jee mahl-goh nah-reul bah

joh-ah-heh nah-reul hyang-heh oot-neun mee-soh meh-eel meh-eel boh-yuh-juh

8: pal-ddak pal-ddak ddui-neun gah-seum

9: gooh-heh-juh oh neh mah-eum

10: shib-nyun-ee gah-doh nuh-reul sah-rahng-heh

uhn-jeh-nah ee mahm byun-chee ahn-eul-ggeh!

Translation in English:

1: If I can`t see you for a second,

2: I will be anxious like this

3: how can I wait for you for 3 seconds?


4: Love you, I love you.

5: I am going to tell you today.

6: That I met you in the world of 6 billion people,

7: It's number 7 lucky

I love you. Don`t look at here and there and just look at me.

I like you. Let me see your smile everyday.

8: My heart is beating for you.

9: Oh, please save my soul.

10: even after 10 years, I will still love you.

I will never change my mind.


  1. annyeong~

    Hi. kamsahmnida for posting this song. it's my favorite. along with 3 bears. I hope you can upload carrot song, the one which Lee dae he sang in My girl. thanks.

  2. This was sang by Japanese star Fuji Mina in We Got Married Global. So cute! Kamsahamnida!

  3. Thank You so much for this article, ive heard about the Number Song in Return of Superman because Song Daehan love this and always sang this Song. and because of you i learned to sing along :)

  4. Your translation is very good, but there's a little bit lack on number 6 and 7. It should be
    6: Among 6 million people in this world, that I meet you
    7: (It) is a great luck (for me)
    so 칠 럭키야 is derived from 최(근) 럭키야 because its pronunciation is chwi-leok-ki-ya and somehow it can be heard like chil-leok-ki-ya...

  5. Thanks for help me to translate rest of bts number song