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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Korean Kids Song-ed Out: A Korean joke instead

I'm getting a bit Korean Kids Song-ed out. So today, I'm posting a joke on Korean Kids Song Sunday.
What did the Korean bus driver say to the egg at the bus stop?

계란! (geh-rahn)!

Get it? Get on! Geh-rahn! Get on!? (It could also be transliterated as geh-ron, I supposes.

Oh ok, I guess it would be funny if you knew that geh-rahn is "egg" in Korean.

Still not funny, huh?

Ya, some of our friends like to tell similar Canto-english jokes too and I don't think they're funny either.

Ok, but what IS funny, hilarious actually, is this blog: Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.

So in honor of my non-funny joke and crappy pictures, I give you....

What did the Korean bus driver say to the egg at the bus stop?

my own crappy picture!

I forgot how fun MS Paint is. It really is. So, I'm afraid you may not have seen the last of my crappy pictures. There's also more of the non-funny Konglish jokes too.
AND now, there is at least one person I know who reads my blog that will never forget how to say "egg" in Korean (that's you, Husband!).

If you want to learn more simple Korean words about food and eating, I made a cheat-sheet that may or may not come in handy.

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