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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

iPhone app: 한글루

I've been downloading and testing out a bunch of *free* iPhone apps.  The free version of 한글루 (han-gul loo) is pretty good and from what I can tell, the full paid version would be a great learning tool for kids maybe 3 years old and older.  It's also a great app for adults learning to write hangeul and learning vocabulary.

Swipe the star to the right to start.

The main menu shows 3 options:
1) 한글 쓰기: (han-gul sseu-gee) practice the stroke order for writing han-gul characters.

If you want the entire alphabet (or without adds) you have to buy the full version, which is $3.99.

2) 낱말 쓰기: (naht-mahl sseu-gi) writing vocabulary.

3) 한글게임: (han-guel game): (sorry...no pictures).  For the "game," the audio give you one syllable at a time and you have to pick the right characters to spell out the multi-syllabic vocab word like balloon, camera, chick, etc.  This would actually be good practice for my Korean-learning husband who recognizes the characters and their sounds.

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