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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Korean Kids Songs: Eyes Eyes Eyes 눈 눈 눈

I know our kids song in English: Itsy Bitsy Spider, I'm a Little Teapot, Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.... pretty well.  But I don't know my kids songs in Korean too well.  So, I've been working on finding them, translating them and learning them. Husband doesn't know this yet, but I am hoping to record a DVD or CD with us singing a smattering of these songs to send to the foster parents who are caring for our child.  So, when he comes home, he will love these songs and recognize our voices!

I overheard my friend sing this song to her twin girls and I liked it because it's simple, it's repetitive, has fun motions, and teaches about how we use our body (parts) to worship God.  She said she sang this song as a kid. =)

The song is the first in this youtube video of a Korean church's children's worship session.  I had been helping with Children's Worship at our Chinese-American church for a while so it was interesting to see how a Korean church (in Korea) does it.  I do have some memories of singing worship songs in Korean at our Korean-American church growing up, but they have vastly faded. 

Here are the words in Korean:

성경 보고요
숨을 쉬고요
찬송 부르고
말씀 들어요
머리 머리 머리 예수님 생각
가슴 가슴 가슴 예수님 사랑
봉사 하소요
교회 가지요


Noon noon noon; sung-gyung boh-goh-yo
Ko ko ko; soom-eul shi-goh-yo
Eeb eeb eeb; chan-song booh-re-goh
Gui gui gui; mahl-seum deul-uh-yo
Muhree muhree muhree; yeh-soo-neem seng-gahk
Gah-seum gah-seum gah-seum; yeh-soo-neem sah-rahng
Sohn sohn sohn; bohng-sah ha-soh-yo
Bal bal bal; gyo-heh gah-ji-yo

And the translation in English: (I tried to make the words fit the tune of the song so I took some liberty with the translation) 

Eyes, eyes, eyes; I can read the Bible
Nose, nose, nose; thank God for every breath
Mouth, mouth, mouth; sing praises to our God
Ear, ear, ear; listen to His Word
Head, head, head; think about His Love!
Heart, heart, heart; my Savior loves me so
Hand, hand, hand, serving God and others
Feet, feet, feet; takes us to our church

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