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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day - Daddy! Take Heart! 아빠 힘내세요

Last year's Father's Day carried a lot of sadness as Husband faced his first father-less Father's Day and the fact that he was still not yet a father was even more evident. This year, that sadness of losing Dad Yap was still remembered, yet the day carried a hopefulness that maybe this will be our last child-less Father's Day.

To end the day on a really happy note, here's a song for Dad's, especially for my super hard-working Husband whom I love:

Appah Heem Neh Seh Yo translates as "Daddy! Be Strong! (Take heart!)" In summary: Daddy comes home from work looking a bit dejected, tired and worried. So, we just wanna say, "Daddy! Be Strong! We're with you!"

야후! 꾸러기 동요

아빠힘내세요 딩동댕 초인종 소리에 얼른 문을 열었더니 그토록 기다리던 ..

Song in Korean:

딩동댕 초인종 소리에 얼른 문을 열었더니

그토록 기다리던 아빠가 문 앞에 서 계셨죠

너무나 반가워 웃으며 아빠하고 불렀는데

어쩐지 오늘 아빠의 얼굴이 우울해 보이네요

무슨 일이 생겼나요 무슨 걱정 있나요

마음대로 안되는 일 오늘 있었나요

아빠 힘내세요 우리가 있잖아요

아빠 힘내세요 우리가 있어요 힘내세요 아빠 사랑해요


ding-dong-deng cho-een-jong soh-ri-eh uhl-leun moon-eul yul-ut-duh-ni

geu-toh-rohk gi-dah-ri-deon a-ppa-ga moon ah-peh suh geh-shyut-jjyo

nuh-moo-nah bahn-gah-wuh oo-seu-myuh a-ppa-ha-go bool-luhn-neun-deh

uh-jjuhn-ji oh-neul a-ppa-ui uhl-gool-ri oo-ool-heh boh-ee-neh-yo

moo-seun ee-ri sehng-gyun-na-yo moo-seun guhk-jjuhng een-nah-yoh

ma-eum-deh-roh ahn-deh-neun eel oh-neul i-ssuhn-na-yo

a-ppa heem-neh-seh-yo oo-ri-ga it-jja-na-yo

a-ppa heem-neh-seh-yo oo-ri-ga i-ssuh-yo


a-ppa sa-rang-heh-yo


Ding-dong-deng, on hearing the door bell, I quickly ran to open it

it was my dad was standing at the door waiting

I was so happy to see you, I yelled out, "Daddy!"

But, today your face looks sad

Did something happen at work? Are you worried about something?

What's troubling you today?

Daddy, be strong! Arent' we all here for you?

Daddy, be strong! We're here for you

Daddy, we love you!

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