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Monday, April 18, 2011

Korean Wooden Character Blocks by Uncle Goose

Pacifer's blog has been holding giveaways for these Hangul blocks (reg. $39 on their website).  I just missed the March one, but maybe they'll hold another giveaway.  I will continue to stalk them until I can finnagle a set for our home.  From the pictures, this set of blocks looks truly Korean-American with words in English and Korean.  I love how the letters are pretty clear and crisp, and they even include some of the complex han-gul vowels and consonants.  And if you look closely, there's even a dead-cow block for encouraging our family love of burgers and steak (it's actually an upside down cow, but you would have thought the same thing, right? just me? ok.)

Besides the blocks, the website has lots of other very fun baby/kid stuff that I'm fond of ogling at.

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